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Undergraduate Art & Design Students




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Exhibition Statement

Welcome to un-locked, the University of Chester’s Art & Design Degree Show. Here we celebrate our 2021 graduating students from our seven undergraduate programmes, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography and Product Design. This diverse body of work demonstrates the uniqueness of each student, representing both the culmination of their degree studies as well as a hint as to their visual, professional future. Studying for a degree is a simultaneously formative and transformative experience. Not only do degree students learn new skills, they create new knowledge, develop intellectually increasing their capacity for learning; they discover more about themselves and unlock new potential and in so doing they have an impact on those around them. Those who study and practice Art and Design subjects have the ability to produce images, objects, artefacts, products and environments that can inspire you, connect with you intellectually and emotionally, persuade you and ultimately enable you live a richer, more fulfilling life. Without artists and designers the world would be static, dull, lifeless and emotionless.

Undergraduate Art & Design Students

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