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Inherit Exhibition

Inherit Artists

CASC Gallery, Chester



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25 November 2022

9 December 2022

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Exhibition Statement

Place|Lab Collective (initiated by a core group of fellows at Ballinglen Arts Foundation- Nuala
Clarke, Joanna Kidney, Karina Nöel Hean, Joe Ostraff and Melinda Ostraff) is a multi-disciplinary
collective of 17 artists from the USA, UK and Ireland. They have been collaborating on art projects
in one way or another for over ten years. The work in this exhibition represents a range of practices
that include, painting, drawing, printmaking, letterpress, book arts, video, performance art,
installation work, graphic design and music.
Has an inheritance ever not been important? Through millennia power and borders have shifted,
families allied and fallen apart. From the minute to immense, personal to global an inheritance
holds land, environment, body, blood and time as its mainstays.
The seed of this exhibition was sown when Place|Lab Collective gathered as a group in Iceland in
2019 to explore their diversity and commonality. Each conversation and collaborative interaction
formed a mycelium-like net of connections between artists and ideas. Each artist has responded
with that which is uppermost in their minds. There is an urgency to this work as it is rooted in this
time, on this globe.
There is a publication accompanying the exhibition, available at the gallery, which includes 'I Am
the Sun and the Heir', a commissioned essay by Christopher Lynn.
The exhibition was selected by Nuala Clarke and Joanna Kidney from a submission of works by
Place|Lab artists. It will tour to Contemporary Art Space Chester [CASC] UK in November 2022
and to Springville Museum, Utah, USA in 2023.

Gary Barton USA
Jennifer Barton USA
Claudine Bigelow USA
Mark Bigelow USA
Gillian Catherine USA
Nuala Clarke IRL
Joanna Kidney IRL
Melanie Mowinski USA
Mercedes Ng USA
Karina Noel Hean USA
Hannah Ostraff USA
Joseph Ostraff USA
Melinda Ostraff USA
Linda Reynolds USA
Michelle Rowley UK
Jen Watson USA
Sally Weaver UK

Inherit Artists

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