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By opting for us to stay in touch, you agree to University of Chester using your personal data in accordance with our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

We will use your data to contact you about CASC related issues and promote events and exhibitions that are linked to the CASC project, the University and the Art and Design Department. We may also use your data for market research purposes, such as data analysis or to ask you to complete one of our online surveys.

To help us to stay in touch, we may use third party advertising services and communication platforms. To opt out and have your details removed from our database, please email us at

*Wix are the organisation that provide this website and are not linked to the University of Chester. As an external body they have their own privacy statement related to how they will store and handle your data. Within the Wix Privacy Policy you as a user of this website are described as the “Users-of-Users”.

Wix GDPR Statement

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