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As a rewarding and broad ranging discipline, Interior Design is primarily concerned with the interrelationship between people, objects and how we use, interact and experience space. Our Design Studio is thus fundamental to the course and is  where our students are given the opportunity to engage with interior  projects which broadly reflect industry practice. Projects undertaken vary from the design development of temporary installations  to  the imaginative  repurposing  of  existing spaces and buildings. 

Embedded into studio practice is the development of professional and technical skills to enable effective communication of the students’ design thinking and process.  We use a variety of techniques including physical making in the workshops through to the exploration of hand and digital drawing and rendering techniques.   Contextual Studies and Professional Practice underpin the studio environment  providing an understanding of historic and contemporary theory alongside an awareness of current industry practice.

Aware of the value of working together, we look to collaborate with others, whether that be with other courses within the Art and Design Department or through live projects. Beyond local visits ,  students are offered the opportunity to take part in international field trips offered by the Department and more specifically our field trip to the Surface Design Show  in London and  Florence  to visit our partner institution, FIDI .

Portfolios go live on 12 June 2020