Product Design

The Product Design final projects are set by external businesses who ask the students to consider a real-life problem and propose an innovative solution.  The project briefs are phrased as ‘how might we….?’ across a diverse range of product areas such as travel luggage, waste material, interactive kiosks, outdoor furniture and children’s play. 


This work is the culmination of a year long, in-depth research and design project.  The full story is told through the ‘design book’ link within each project.

Rebecca Falcon

Senior Lecturer, BA Product design

Danielle Maw

Lumi isn’t just a box, it’s a box of pos­sibilities. It helps children to think outside of the box in terms of play and unlocks their imagination.

Oliver Rowan

How might we reuse tea bags to create a new material to aid the creation of products?

Rose Meredith

Controlling environments so play can be uncontrolled.

Sam Barlow

The aim of the 1 Card is to achieve a system in which travelling via train is efficient, effortless and enjoyable.

Sian Davies

Transforming your garden into a fifth room.

Simon Owen

The sustainable flat-pack food packaging company that grows what you throw.

Stephen Clayton

Post-Covid travel luggage which suits the user’s lifestyle. The ‘Mod-Pac’ allows for an array of bags, all fitting on a common back frame.