Ian Warburton

When I commenced university three years ago, it was because I have had a dream to create a new story for many years. The opportunity has never presented itself until a period of illness forced me to reconsider my priorities. That was the catalyst for change. I enrolled something of a traditionalist photographer, competent and a safe pair of hands. Three years later I am so far from that photographer I hardly recognize myself. At the start of the second year, I realized that photography was no longer about looking at an image, it was about something greater. There is a story to tell, and to tell that story you need a performance. The past two years in particular have seen me move away from being a photographer, to a performance artist. My pictures are not just a picture in isolation they are joined together to tell a story. They are part of something bigger.
The change of outlook started whilst working in collaboration with others. However, selfish as it sounds, I am not that man. I want ownership of my work I will stand or fall with it, of course I will listen to others, but my work is just that, it is mine. I want to explore the boundaries of what interests me. I want to challenge myself to do new things and work outside my comfort zone. I no longer want to see my pictures in a gallery, I want them to be seen in situ, I want them to ask questions of the viewer, not give them answers.
This final year has seen a year of frustration, with the inability to attend University. It has seen a period of illness with Covid 19, that left me as tired as I have ever been. It has seen project after project curtailed because of lockdown. I am never short of ideas, yet the frustration grew ever larger as the year slipped away. Yet four weeks before the deadline, an idea became a little more than just an idea, it became a small project and in the space of a couple of weeks that small project became a film. I became a producer, a script writer, a director and I have loved every minute of it. It is a genre that up to now has never interested me, yet now I am filled with an interest in developing my understanding of both still and moving images to create a new story.
There is a story to tell in all of us, sometimes we have to push ourselves to find it

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