Ffion Thornton

From altered body shapes to distorted facial features, the media have created an unattainable beauty standard through the digital manipulation of images. Continuous exposure to digitally enhanced photographs has a damaging effect on young women's body image. Consuming mainstream media has caused our perception of reality to become warped. What used to be a quick glance at a billboard, scroll through social media or flick though a fashion magazine has now become a means of comparison to unrealistic beauty ideals.
“Digitized Dysmorphia” alludes to digital technology’s detrimental impact on our mental health. The project explores female portraiture, with a particular focus on self-perception. When we look in the mirror, we see ourselves as something broken needing to be fixed, we over analyse how we look and focus on the aspects of our body we wish to change. We pull apart our appearance into fragments and the broken mirror embodies this concept.

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