Carla Saunders

I have captured a series of images that focus on dereliction showing the worn down, decaying buildings that have become old, grotty and vandalised overtime. Through the images that I captured I want to communicate that over a long period of time, everything ages and becomes a form of old, decayed material even ourselves as a human form, get old and eventually turn to ash. I want to show the beauty in what time and age formed together can create. The images displayed are from the North West, specifically Liverpool and Chester.

Many people may have different views on old, vandalised buildings as they can look and be very taunting and stereotyped as a place you would find gangs of teenagers and an example of a quote of a friend of mine once said was “Don’t go down there, you might get stabbed”. This is an exact representation of most people’s opinion and views of run down, vandalised areas when in reality they’re not all bad. Like the English novelist, George Eliot said “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. You never know the reality of something until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

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