Nice To See You, To See You, Nice


Nice to See You, to See You, Nice, was the inaugural exhibition of the CASC city centre gallery, which opening in January 2020, with the support of Chester West and Chester Council. The exhibition had over 8,000 visitors and celebrated the art, design and photography work of current and former staff and Alumni from the Department of Art & Design at the University of Chester.

Associate Professor Bernadine Murray, Head of the Department of Art and Design, said: “The exhibition has something for everyone, with work covering media ranging from audio and video, projections and installations to illustration, photography and paintings, alongside examples of the skilled design work of product designers and graphic designers.

The Department of Art and Design at the University of Chester, sees this venture as a means to make contemporary art and design accessible to all, enabling us to engaging with all sectors of the public, enhancing and supporting the growing visual arts culture in Chester.”