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First Year

A&D Show


Join us in celebrating the unique achievements of our 1st year Art & Design students at the University of Chester, in what has been a year like no other.


These are the students who could have deferred their hard won place at university until the pandemic died down but who chose to jump into the unknown and start their next phase of life. These are the students who, irrespective of the potential for disappointments, cancelled exams, flawed algorithms, delayed results, and the uncertainty of what university life would be like, grappled with socially distanced learning and teaching. They then grappled twofold with a switch to online learning, simultaneously losing access to facilities and workshops that support the production of the practice based subjects delivered across Art & Design.


This is not the picture of university life that had been painted for these students throughout high school; not the same experience that their teachers, advisors, brothers, sisters, mums, dads, carers or friends had described as the best years of their lives. However, rather than dwell on what should have been, these students have embraced the unknown, they have pushed themselves to explore new ways of working and invented and invested in alternative approaches to their creative potential. In these unprecedented circumstances they have produced some fantastic work.  


This then is our Team, these are the brave, these are the innovators, these are the creators of our future.  

First Year Poster 2021

Fine Art

Interior Design

Graphic Design

Product Design


Fashion Design

Fashion, Marketing & Communication