Natasha Milliard

The quilt is part of a larger design proposal
for Taylors Boat Yard, in Chester.
Situated across the canal from Telford’s
Warehouse, The Tool-Shed explores the
concept of connection. The proposal includes
a “lookout” box, overlooking the canal below.
Large windows provide elevated views of the
surrounding area, and a skylight presents
the opportunity to pull back the roof and
enjoy stargazing, yoga, and meditation,
underneath the stars.
The space encourages users to reflect
and connect with their inner selves, other
members of the community and the natural
beauty of our surroundings.
The project is inspired by a personal
experience of connecting with neighbours,
old and young, over socially distanced
stargazing during the first national lockdown.
The scheme incorporates a limited palette of
materials and includes bespoke bean bags
and quilting, made from organic fabrics and
natural dyes produced from personal and
commercial food waste, local plants, and
seasonal vegetables

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