Danah Adams

Graphic Design is always around us, and learning how to communicate in a visual manner has inspired me to learn more about the subject. The words 'create' and 'design' has always sparked a sense of enthusiasm and excitement within me. From taking the subject as a GSCE and A Level during high school, I have always had a create characteristic which I feel is my most dominant. For many years, I have enjoyed designing logos, packaging and coming up with creative campaign concepts. Since leaneing that Graphic Design is something that I'm driven towards I have gained an interest and spectrum knowledge about graphic designers such as Paul Rand, Stefan Sagmrister and Jessica Walsh. Their work have inspired me to develop my own skills and have given me an insight as to how establish a creative mind-set. During my time studying Graphic Design at the Univeristy of Chester I have been able to explore different ways to communicate through social media, print design and much more. I am coming to my final months of being a University Student and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here where I have been able to expand my knowledge within the Graphic Design field. I have learnt how fundamental research is and how it is conducted during the whole design process. I have been able to learn more about the software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign which I can now say I am comfortable in using.

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