Alisha Butterworth

My work is mostly illustrative and I enjoy using both traditional and digital forms of
illustration. My style of illustration is perhaps mostly suited to children’s products
although I enjoy creating content for awareness campaigns and advertising. I enjoy
working with typography and often combine both type and illustration in my practice. I
like to produce bold, vibrant imagery when working digitally but have examples of more
delicate, whimsical artwork when using ink and paints.
This piece of work represents my home country of Wales. I often find inspiration from my
surroundings and felt inspired to create illustrations based on Welsh folklore, with stories
I would often hear as a child. The piece is part of a book series I named ‘Tales of Wales’,
the first book is about the origins of the famous Welsh Dragon. I wanted the illustrations
to have a loose, sketchy feel with handwritten text in a celtic style to match the age of
the story.

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