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 A firery haired life form who likes to design things. 
My work for this year's exhibition is very close to home. I always make a conscious decision to bring awareness to important situations or causes and this year, Breast Cancer Awareness was my top priority. I hope my work will help normalise checking our bodies regularly, we will know if something doesn't feel/look 'normal'. Better to be safe than sorry. 
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Abbie Davies

Abbie Davies

 This body of work focuses on the between spaces and edge lands in communities and public spaces that I come into contact with, more specifically how young people are using graffiti as a method of communication. Leaving their thoughts and feelings for people to see as well as expressing their own way of creativity, it is a way of leaving a mark on a place that they may not have otherwise have much impression on.

Aimee Arrowsmith

My work is mostly illustrative and I enjoy using both traditional and digital forms of
illustration. My style of illustration is perhaps mostly suited to children’s products
although I enjoy creating content for awareness campaigns and advertising. I enjoy
working with typography and often combine both type and illustration in my practice. I
like to produce bold, vibrant imagery when working digitally but have examples of more
delicate, whimsical artwork when using ink and paints.
This piece of work represents my home country of Wales. I often find inspiration from my
surroundings and felt inspired to create illustrations based on Welsh folklore, with stories
I would often hear as a child. The piece is part of a book series I named ‘Tales of Wales’,
the first book is about the origins of the famous Welsh Dragon. I wanted the illustrations
to have a loose, sketchy feel with handwritten text in a celtic style to match the age of
the story.

Alisha Butterworth

My passion is with illustration and my style is formed by the collaboration of digital and traditional illustration and can be adapted to whatever the brief requires. My work is often developed with the purpose to inform and raise awareness of issues such as mental health, global warming and animal welfare whilst being sustainable throughout the design process in anyway that I can. 
The illustration is taken from my illustrated Lockdown journal where I documented various personal days within ours national lockdown. The illustrations form short narratives that form a personal diary of my Covid-19 experience and serves as a memory of illustrated events.

Anna Hill

As a creative I love to have fun with my work and deliver a message. 
My exhibition takes inspiration from the B-movie horror posters of the past, which were quirky and charming. It highlights the animals that aren’t often considered popular, and are overshadowed by others, much like B-movies and Hollywood.
Highlighting the lesser loved creatures and telling their story is important to me, I use my design work to tell stories. I have explored both the animal kingdom and the world of cryptids, which are creatures that may or may not exist. 
It’s a fun take on an issue that needs addressing, some of these animals are critically endangered and don’t receive the funding which could save their species.

Anna Roberts

The world as a whole is so immense it becomes immeasurable within our minds, almost frightening and definitely daunting to speculate on our own insignificance. This strange year of lockdowns left me looking closer to home, it allowed me to open my mind to things that may seem less significant but really are no less extraordinary.
I noticed every time you leave the house and just wander down the street, there’s a new face sat under the streetlight at the end of the road, a rainbow of diffracted light waving across the canal bridge from the water below and a conversation with a friend you’ve known for years sparks a whole new perspective. I started to appreciate that the possibilities are boundless, one word can spark the creation of a whole new project and in this case; that’s what happened. 
The exploration of how typography can evoke and convey a feeling.

Annie Maskell

A dreamer, a crafter and an out of the box thinker. I am passionate about creating beautiful things for people. Through Fine Art and Graphic Design, I have explored a range of different techniques to which has given me a mixed media approach. 
I find inspiration in my surroundings-in things I see and people I talk to, young or old, tall and small. This year I created storybook to support children learning to tell the time. This was greatly inspired by a mouse in my grandparent’s garden. Maude was the star of the show.

Ashlee Smedley

My main focus is children’s illustration; this leads my work toward the use of bright colours and a simple approach to shapes, to ensure that the objects I am illustrating are instantly recognised by the youngest audience. I always create a more realistic appearance throughout my illustrations, by adding the finer details and using subtle textures.
The ‘Penguin Number’ book was one of the three books I created for an educational children's book series. The biggest aspect of the books was the puzzle element on the back cover, this connected the four books from each series together to show where the animals live, the penguin book showing Antarctica. I think this gave the final product a more fun appearance, and would definitely engage young children.

Bozena Roberts

‘A person who is averse to change or innovation and holds traditional values.’

If you’re in the market for offending your grandparents or just your local bigot then you’re in luck. Choose from this range of 16 hand printed Razcal brand post cards that cover such ‘offensive’ topics as breast feeding, transgender people, anal and much much more! Make their lockdown even worse with just the lick of a stamp! 

As an artist my interest lies heavily in illustration and printing – none of this digital art codswollop. I love making things that I can get my hands on and the unique design challenges that follow as a result. I enjoy using my abilities to raise awareness around certain issues that I feel aren’t talked about nearly enough.

Callum Beaver

The main objective of this body of work is to showcase the theme of pop art and food and combine them to create a pop art themed restaurant, designing materials that you would usually see at a restaurant such as a logo/restaurant brand, menus, posters, business cards, packaging, etc. 
I have always had a big interest in pop art in the way it looks as a whole style of art and how it’s just so bold and out there, easily catches the eye. I’m also a big lover of food (who isn’t) and so I thought maybe I could combine these two interests of mine and try and create something that could turn my interests into something more exciting.

Carla Saunders

I primarily am an illustrator, but I also love to experiment with animation and incorporate my love of music and storytelling. My work is primarily inspired by music I listen to and the movies I watch and how I see them. My work is fun and lively with elements of the bizarre, I love to use bold lines and bright, gaudy colours to create my work.

Cat Parker-Jones

My work focuses on Branding. Illustration and Animation. I like to touch on issues such as mental health, or political/sociological topics. My work this year has centered around my experience with BPD. My intent is to make people more aware of the co-morbidities of the illness and remove the stigma around the condition.

Catherine Hague