Graphic Design

One of the measures of being a good Graphic Designer is being able to deal with the whims and foibles of an unforgiving client. This year, Covid has played that role and the graduates have been tested via limitations and restrictions that could potentially have curbed their ideas and creativity. The results, as you can see, are a flourishing and energetic celebration of visual expression as a way of overcoming the obsticles of recent times. We have personal visions and lockdown memories, hopes for the future and above all a sense of positivity and humour which has helped motivate and enrich the work of this year's graduates.


Finally 'un-locked', we wish these creatives the greatest of success in their release from education out into their creative careers.

Andrew Hooper

Programme Leader, BA Graphic Design

Abbie Davies

Aimee Arrowsmith

Alisha Butterworth

Anna Hill

Anna Roberts

Annie Maskell

Ashlee Smedley

Bozena Roberts

Callum Beaver

Carla Saunders

Cat Parker-Jones

Catherine Hague

Chloe Corcoran

Chloe Craig

Connah Caldecott

Connor Francom

Danah Adams

Emelia Brooks

Freya Reisin

Harry Parkes-Smith

Heather Kendall

Holly Brown

Jakub Cichy

Jessica Hodson

Jodie Hall

Jordan Glen

Kara Barker

Mair Chilton-Thomas

Marvin Henrius

Melissa Dasher

Muthuthanthrige Fernando

Nikolai Gabrysch

Rita De Oliveira Cruz

Russell Fearn

Russell Hannick

Shantel Holgate

Syeda Khatun

Tasfia Haque

Taylor White

Terrence Kearney