Verity Buckley-Jones

CYBER is a short fashion film which explores the possibilities of luxury streetwear through the use of digital fashion. I, Verity Buckley-Jones am the creator behind the video. From research, I discovered that luxury streetwear clothing is a very niche sector in the digital clothing industry which is why I went down this path. I used brand influences of the likes of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Prada to help create a vision for my final outcome. As well as this, the film ‘The Matrix’ was another key influence on me due to its mysterious storyline and monochrome colours. The aim of my fashion film is to show how digital clothing can look on people before and after, specifically focusing on the luxury streetwear style. I also wanted to show how we can push stereotypical boundaries within the fashion industry to create something different and exciting. I want people to see that luxury digital fashion is something present and can work for most people. Overall, I would like for my audience to take the time to watch CYBER in order to gain a better understanding on digital fashion and see how different market levels and styles can be incorporated into it.

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