Naomi Lehepuu

Blue Prospect is a brand centred around creativity and community. The colour blue represents serenity and a feeling of calm. The word prospect defines the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring. A future filled with calmness and serenity.
My brand focuses on the gap between fashion & conceptual art, and how the consumer can achieve such at home themselves. My brand is almost like a collaborative space for like-minded creatives to create a sustainable piece of art that can reused and repurposed in any way they wish. My brand is tactile and purposeful with a focus on craftmanship & transparency.
The promotion of my brand is organic, transparent and authentic. Much like the brand identity itself. Blue prospect aims to support sustainable living whilst following sustainable practise itself.
My final major project is centred around promoting and marketing my brand through the appropriate medium in reflection of my chosen target market and consumer, with a heavy focus on digital storytelling as a means of communication.

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