Iqra Khan

After uncovering the heart-breaking truth of garment workers and their lack of rights across the globe. I became determined to make a change and shed light on this issue, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these issues and many people have suffered as a result. Unsurprised, yet saddened by the fact that many of my Generation Z peers (born between 1995-2012) were aware of these issues but continue to buy from these fast fashion brands due to their affordable price point, despite being hailed as “activists”. I wanted to highlight the dissonance between their beliefs and actions.
After many hours of development @rsltns “resolutions” was created. An educational platform that can be found on Instagram to demystify how Gen Z’s demand for fast fashion is largely the cause of the problem. Inspired by the strong family bond I experienced growing up @rsltns aims to create a community positive space for change makers.

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