Carys Bullock

My names Carys Bullock studying fashion marketing with communication at the university of Chester. This course has taught me many things regarding the marketing and communication of the fashion industry but more importantly it has taught me where I see myself fit within the industry. I have fallen in love with styling and being able to communicate briefs and concepts through my work, which has inspired my FMP for my final year.
These images that I have styled and photographed represent ‘The New Luxury’, this is inspired by my research findings of what I see the new luxury industry to be like post events such as COVID-19 and the emerge of a new generation. COVID-19 has made me think and feel differently into everything that surrounds a day to day life, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I sought after finding how we look as a generation is a reflected emotion on the new world we see before us. Gender was also a massive contribution to my investigation as within my research and this new way of life have merged many gender ideologies to create one generation.

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