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Wear, repair, repurpose!

Caitlin Martin

 My names Carys Bullock studying fashion marketing with communication at the university of Chester. This course has taught me many things regarding the marketing and communication of the fashion industry but more importantly it has taught me where I see myself fit within the industry. I have fallen in love with styling and being able to communicate briefs and concepts through my work, which has inspired my FMP for my final year. 
These images that I have styled and photographed represent ‘The New Luxury’, this is inspired by my research findings of what I see the new luxury industry to be like post events such as COVID-19 and the emerge of a new generation. COVID-19 has made me think and feel differently into everything that surrounds a day to day life, both mentally and physically. Therefore, I sought after finding how we look as a generation is a reflected emotion on the new world we see before us. Gender was also a massive contribution to my investigation as within my research and this new way of life  have merged many gender ideologies to create one generation.

Carys Bullock

Cathryn Munro

 My love letter to Liverpool. 
Combining the Liverpool culture and contemporary fashion, the idea of new feminism is shining a new light on Liverpool and promoting the lack of self-consciousness scouse women have. Jilted; sudden reject or abandonment, how we have all felt through the pandemic, but unfortunately women’s independence is the silent victim of the pandemic, crystalize how the singular event can completely shatter a human being.
All I want is someone to remember me or us collectively, not the fact we wear huge rollers and are orange but there is a lot more to the city. This city loves to be first with things, to be different and challenge ourselves. It is a melting pot of people and cultures and that is ingrained in our heritage.

Ellie Lyon

I’m Hannah McGuckin, I’m a Fashion Marketing and Communication student at the
University of Chester.
During my time at University, I have developed knowledge and skills that have enabled me
to become an effective creative marketer and communicator.
I aspire to gain a role within marketing, predominantly in the content creation and direction
sector. I am drawn to the luxury streetwear market and have enjoyed expanding my
awareness of the future of the luxury market during my FMP research.
The aim of my campaign is to convey my 3 brand concepts; community, protection, social
consciousness, and to represent men in a sensitive yet positive way, subverting from the
luxury market convention.
My overall 360 campaign concept “This is Not a Trend” references the importance behind
my brand and campaign and how it is more than just a brand, it’s a step towards a positive
change for the future of the luxury fashion market.
*For this campaign shoot I followed the COVID-19 advice for planning productions. Each
model had a lateral flow tests 5 days prior to the event and on the morning that the event
took place*

Hannah McGuckin

After uncovering the heart-breaking truth of garment workers and their lack of rights across the globe. I became determined to make a change and shed light on this issue, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these issues and many people have suffered as a result. Unsurprised, yet saddened by the fact that many of my Generation Z peers (born between 1995-2012) were aware of these issues but continue to buy from these fast fashion brands due to their affordable price point, despite being hailed as “activists”. I wanted to highlight the dissonance between their beliefs and actions. 
After many hours of development @rsltns “resolutions” was created. An educational platform that can be found on Instagram to demystify how Gen Z’s demand for fast fashion is largely the cause of the problem. Inspired by the strong family bond I experienced growing up @rsltns aims to create a community positive space for change makers.

Iqra Khan

My work surrounds the idea of combining commercial luxury fashion with exclusive story-telling street style. I attempted to capture the idea of transparency and brotherhood igniting strength and companionship.

Kiera Sahota

This work was born out of a project called “Brand Me” which focused on representing myself as a brand. Through this project I aimed to create a physical embodiment of a virtual plane where dreams that we let go of through our lives came to rest. This place full of all our forgotten dreams was full of this contrast of happiness and anger and sadness. This place developed into what could only be described as a circus or freak show of these dreams that had died. My work is greatly inspired by my own life and my joy for escapism and fantasy worlds. The purple through my work has represented the good, the happiness and another world. The bad is represented through the muddy green, this is also the symbol of a bleak reality of the real world.

Kieran O'Reilly

My Final Major project is heavily influenced by 90s rave culture, nostalgia, freedom and adventure. I chose to create a TikTok as part of my Final Major Project in order to strategically target my audience, generation Z. My TikTok is smaller heavily edited video clips of one model who is styled in 90s sportswear, located in the spare room of my house and in my garden. The music featured in my TikTok, is “We lost dancing”, by Marea and the blessed Madonna. I specifically chosen this song because it reflects the concept of my brand, which is to bring back 90s raves, as the rave scene is argued to not exist anymore. Also, my brand concept is the idea of that the global pandemic has isolated us all, therefore, it will bring us all together again to enjoy freedom, adventures and raving.

Lauren Barnes

My final image is a response to the current state of the fashion industry. In the hope this campaign starts a movement towards more “well” and meaningful fashion. My campaign predicts a future where personal expression and meaning fashion will matter more. Where more people will trade in the addictive endorphins of manic fashion consumption for the serotonin (true peace and happiness) of buying slower and choosing clothes with values and meaning.

Lauren-Leigh Walton

I am Molly Ellen Davies, a member of the graduating Fashion Marketing and Communication class of 2021. 
I specialize in styling, digital illustration, social media content and layout composition.
My brand, Molly Ellen is elegant, demure, classy and showcases romantic fashion, femininity, and individualism.
The stylized images from my final major project campaign shoot, depict a romantic, feminine, look, styled with modern, soft, and romantic garments, conveying confidence and individuality. 
Molly Ellen is creating a new romantic feminine story; bringing romantic, elegant pieces back to the limelight with modern, everyday styling; see you later athleisure, contemporary romantic fashion has arrived! 
The location for my campaign shoot, took place within my home, this was due to the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work!
Model- Lottie Davies (Sibling)
Stylist- Molly Davies
Photographer- Molly Davies

Molly Davies

For my final major project and what I have chosen to present here is my campaign, ‘We Are The Future’, created to educate and inform the audience of the negative impacts of fashion and the effects it has on our environment. Although the market level of my brands campaign is Fast Fashion, I chose this market so that I could educate the consumer on how to make their fast fashion less detrimental to the world. The image presented is a typical fast fashion looking shoot however I have carefully selected an image that highlights the impact that fashion has on the world with a powerful quote which will help the consumer understand these impacts in a better light and inspire them to want to make a change. We have the power to change the world. We can make a difference. We Are The Future.

Molly Parry