Theerapong Saobuppha

My paintings are largely influenced by the chaos of lockdown; many sudden changes and restrictions popped, causing fear and confusions. So many rules caged us in; not allow to meet or see family, have to stay inside etc. This grew many unexplainable thoughts and feelings.

Lockdown has allowed me to explore and enjoyed many activities that I would not have done as much usually. I’ve watched and read many horror, psychological, crime, and pandemic stories, they have become influencers to my paintings, among feelings, conversations and artists.

In this practice I have explored; portraiture, abstraction, texture, and mark making as main components with hints of sickness and healing concepts. Hidden within these visual components, I have concealed many personal touches like thoughts,feelings, and activities during lockdown in my paintings.

I have chosen a piece which best describes my whole practice, hopefully it will radiate the summary of my theme.

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