Maria-Luisa Cruz-O'Brien

In my work I have taken inspiration for various fairy tales and folklore. some less known and others famous fairytales. I have chosen to portray several scenes from these stories and have taken the characters to be manipulated and changed them into animals while focusing on the aspect of predator and prey. Examples of this including bluebeard and little red riding hood.
The piece above is a depiction of a scene from bluebeard a French folktale that has been adapted and re written many times by many writers. My work takes inspiration from Angela Carters iteration of blue beard titled ‘The Bloody Chamber’. Bluebeard is depicted as a fox and the young women of the story is portrayed as rabbit, a natural prey of foxes. I chose a fox for the fact that they are often characterized in fairy tales and folklore as sly, cunning, greedy, and sometimes charming.

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