Joy Parker

My work is centred on interiors, which often include fish. I paint in acrylics, based on my explorations in collage. Time spent investigating is vital.
As a visual artist, I am interested in creating ‘moments in time’ similar to ‘film stills’, but in a different way from cinema: the image need not tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end; it can just be. This allows or provokes each individual viewer to interpret the painting according to their own scenario.
I am interested in how shapes fit together and in the repetition of shapes. I am profoundly interested in the relationship between colours, working with subtle, muted shades and restricted palettes, enjoying the challenge of this close interaction of colours.
I am exploring various galleries for my work and have used my work for greetings cards. I hope to continue my studies with the MA (Fine Art).

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