Jagroop Bains

The initial concept for this project was to create an exploration of the theme of repetition through visual devices. Ostensibly, the strict grid-formation explores the theme of repetition; however, the viewers are placed in s state of repetition through the videos being shot in a first-person narrative. The fixed point of view gives the videos a documentarian observational style, where the unobtrusive camera becomes the viewers’ eyes and ears. A state of inescapability is derived from the fast pace editing depicting the audiences’ actions as gradually becoming tiresome. The body of work presents a dichotomy between the emptiness of the household environments and the liveliness of the projections; resulting in, the experimenting with visual representation of illusionistic space. The three-dimensional atmosphere allows the projections to be caught on different surfaces causing the artwork to appear simultaneously as if it is protruding outward directly into the viewers’ gaze and expanding into the background.

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