Elizabeth Pellicci

My work this year has been focused the subversion of traditional fine arts movements and techniques – namely Vanitas painting. Using a combination of readymade items, sculpture, and digital media my pieces explore the longstanding debate in fine arts as to whether the decorative can be high value. By using low-value craft items with traditional techniques focused on purity such as suprematism’s black-on-black painting, I aim to challenge the concept of purity equaling worth.
My pieces reference traditional seventeenth century paintings, juxtaposing the beautiful and functional with the disregarded, broken, and unfamiliar. Using digital media allows me to investigate an eerie, illusion-like dimension in my work by carefully controlling light and perspective. My intention is to question the status quo hierarchal approach to fine arts disciplines. This approach is informed by the w0rk of artists like Craig Fisher and Beverly Ayling-Smith whose pieces discuss gruesome topics using expensive, high culture materials.

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