Courtney Lovatt

My brand, CJL, is all about making women
feel empowered, strong, independent and to
make sure they know their worth. Everyone
should have the ability to love themselves
and this is where the brand brings that
confidence to women!
The brand falls in the high-end category.
CJL brings not only luxury garments such
as powerful suits and sophisticated dresses
but also brings a smile to every woman. The
brand pays attention to detail, the details
which show throughout the latest collection
“LOVE” is what makes the collection eyecatching.
Every stitch put into each item is
made with passion and creativity.
The collection “LOVE” is surrounded by
empowerment and independence. One
thing which is amazing about the collection
is there isn’t a set season. Women can feel
empowered whenever the weather.
Courtney Jade Lovatt has no restrictions.
There is a range of clothing’s which can be
worn whenever. The clothes vary from suits,
skirts, jumpsuits, and coats. There will also
be an opportunity to expand on accessories
such as, handbags and shoes.
Bringing accessories to the brand will give
more to the outfits.

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