Item List

My brand, CJL, is all about making women
feel empowered, strong, independent and to
make sure they know their worth. Everyone
should have the ability to love themselves
and this is where the brand brings that
confidence to women!
The brand falls in the high-end category.
CJL brings not only luxury garments such
as powerful suits and sophisticated dresses
but also brings a smile to every woman. The
brand pays attention to detail, the details
which show throughout the latest collection
“LOVE” is what makes the collection eyecatching.
Every stitch put into each item is
made with passion and creativity.
The collection “LOVE” is surrounded by
empowerment and independence. One
thing which is amazing about the collection
is there isn’t a set season. Women can feel
empowered whenever the weather.
Courtney Jade Lovatt has no restrictions.
There is a range of clothing’s which can be
worn whenever. The clothes vary from suits,
skirts, jumpsuits, and coats. There will also
be an opportunity to expand on accessories
such as, handbags and shoes.
Bringing accessories to the brand will give
more to the outfits.

Courtney Lovatt

My collection is all about dyslexia and seeing the positivity within it. As a dyslexic myself I find it so important that we need to appreciate the positives dyslexia brings, and stop seeing it as such a negative thing and embrace the creativity it gives us.

When thinking about what amazing things I could possibly talk about in my final collection, I knew it had to be something that meant so much to me. I decided on the theme dyslexia, as a celebration of how far I have come and how much I have achieved during these three years of University. I wanted this collection to be ‘the different one’, the one that doesn’t exactly stand out but the one people give a second look to, a bit like me. Because, you see, dyslexia isn’t just about reading and writing, it’s so much more than that, it affects all aspects of a person’s life, from communication skills, to physical activities such as sports or even someone’s social life.

As part of my research I took this theme back to young Georgia, the girl who was a lot more insecure and focused on all her flaws rather than her positives and strengths. I was clumsy, I was scruffy looking, I was untidy, people didn’t quite understand me, but yet I was happy and I was happy because I always knew I’d make it. A lot of people had their doubts, but I knew I’d be alright. I knew I’d get to this point today. To view my full collection and my celebration of Dyslexia please check out my page @GCBFASHION

Georgia-Lea Clutton Baxter

I am a strong visual designer driven by
narrative. My approach to design is very
playful and exciting. My personal thoughts
on social issues such as politics, women
empowerment and mental health are
expressed into my work with the power
of print and large silhouettes.
‘Let’s talk’ A/W 23 is my new upcoming
collection exploring the importance of mental
health. With main inspirations from the Joker
film, hippie subcultures and power dressing,
this collection is tied together with 8 fun,
colourful and creative looks. My collection
has grown strong with a powerful and direct
message. Through the power of print, colour
and scale I want to help people understand
mental health and not to ignore it. I also want
to encourage people to have the confidence
of talking about how they are feeling. Each
of my looks and hand painted prints have
hidden meanings and hopefully will relate to
some people who view my work, encouraging 
them to talk.

Jade Williams

Mood Swingz is a luxury brand, offering high quality clothes in limited edition. Customers are able to request their own design, or get help while designing their dream outfit, which then, will be made to order.

It is a brand that focuses on colours, and unique, exclusive designs. When purchasing clothing from the Mood Swingz brand, customers can be sure to feel sexy and feminine while wearing it.

Mood Swingz name was created when two very different styles were mixed together into one, because I couldn’t decide which style I wanted to focus on. The brand, just like me, has two different sides and is bouncing from one to another, creating the most bizarre garments.

Klaudia Szablak

The photo opposite represents part of my final collection for the third and final year of my degree. It is a wool print the wool being a metaphor for connecting with each other and was made from an actual knit.

The collection was built around an expression and metaphors for our strength during the pandemic, and how it brought out the good in people and their natural protective and altruistic attributes.

Louise McLoughlin

Throughout my final year as a fashion design student at Chester university, I created my final collection: ‘living in fear – a masked generation’. The ideology behind my collection is to illustrate social and political issues that humanity is facing, including such themes as controversy of political power, children growing up quickly due to the strains of social media and the ever declining mental health of this generation, directly linking to the effects of COVID-19. This is expressed in my collection in the form of highly powerful print, statement pieces and textiles.

Each piece within my collection is designed to stimulate the viewers mind and encourage them to consider the deeper meanings behind each piece. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore my uniquely expressive style of merging outrageous design statements with on trend fashion garments automatically creates a talking point.

Luci Irwin

Maja Filiplak

Future Roche AW 21/22 Collection sought inspiration from the influence that couture houses of the 1950’s had on the future concept of style. From the innovative shapes invented, to the appropriation of the tactile, sculptured fabrics that materialised within this period. This is underpinned by the principle of creating pieces that not only transcend seasons but can be effortlessly worn with pre-existing collections. As a designer, Mia showcases her own style through her work. Minimalistic, monochrome and sophisticated are words that describe both past and present collections, regardless of the season.

Mia Foster

The Spring Summer collection 2022
is inspired by nature. The fabric prints
encapsulate the colours of the beauty of the
rising and the setting of the sun
which globally we all share.
In designing my collection, I wished to create
the transparency and the layering effect we
see in the skies above and the
lightness of drifting clouds.
My brand is Lilandeyma Designs a brand
with a narrative of a sustainable future and
encouragement to value our planet.

Susan Grundy