MA Design Show 2020

Cienna Knight

This project centres around the accurate representation of mixed-race and minority characters in storytelling. The literary research portion of the practice revealed that there are scarce minority voices and characters within storytelling which means minorities aren’t seeing themselves visually represented. This results in a lack of positive role models for minority groups.


Analysing the character design process helped to extract information around stereotyping and self-stereotyping within this process. Stereotyping and/or self-stereotyping is caused from: lack of sufficient research, lack of technical knowledge, lack of character knowledge and development, and purposefully putting one’s self into the character design. 


The final artefact works as a guide to help creatives recognise how they could be, and how to avoid stereotyping and/or self-stereotyping within their character design process. Recognition of either form of stereotyping comes from the designer creating the same character from three different perspectives. Avoiding either form of stereotyping comes from acknowledging the reasons listed above.