Outfit 1



MA Design Show 2020

Emma Atherton

Corpora Omnia

Fashion has a history of racism, ageism, fatphobia and ableism; problems designers must be catalyst to change. The industry has put out images and collections that celebrate a very specific type of ‘beauty’, actively excluding so many of us in its design thinking and practise.


Corpora Omnia is a six-look collection inspired by bodies, and by our skin as it moves and grows with us. Each multi-sized piece fits between a UK size 10 and 20, eradicating the need for restricting standardised sizing and allowing for different body types. By utilising stretch fabrics and manipulation, the collection adapts and moulds to the wearer. The monochromatic colour palette allows the wearers skin tone to shine through, and be the pop of colour in the story.


The Website Guide aims to educate Fashion Students about diversity through the technicalities of fashion design, asking them to consider their design process in a more open-minded way.

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