MA Fine Art 2020

Lydia Jennings

My practice has developed out of wanting to explore the balance between painting and sculpture and seeking out the space in the middle where they overlap.

My collection of soft sculptures arrived through the complex working and reworking of worn fabric sand canvas. With the surface becoming important as it is defined by its folds, layers and creases. The pieces, which are concealed to purposely hide the internal structure or skeleton, exist only through their outwardly curious forms left for observation.

Through emphasising tactility, aesthetics and materiality, the visual appearance of my work verges on the ‘awkward’ and ‘unattractive’. Therefore, questioning the traditional ideals of beauty and aesthetics in art. Simultaneously, my objects and paintings represent an investigation of intentionality, leaving the viewer to try and decipher how much of their creation has been deliberate and how much has been unintentional.

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